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Based at The Willows, Church Minshull, Nantwich, on the Cheshire Plain in the UK, Tony and Sandra Bull have 100 acres here and graze nothing but Shire and Clydesdale horses. Arclid Shires and Clydesdales are renowned champion horse breeders around the world.

Tony came from a non-farming family, but from a very young age spent every spare minute with local cattle and horse dealer George Broster. In his youth, Tony would be sent on errands to look for ring bones, side bones and spavins on horses at the Market Drayton Dirty Fair. George Broster didn't want to be seen taking an interest by vendors, so he sent Tony to find any faults, a circumstance that undoubtedly helped Tony Bull to become an international judge.

Then Tony helped George Wright, who worked all his smallholding with a single horse. Here he learnt to do all routine jobs with a horse.

By now, Tony wanted to own Shires of his own. At the North West & Wales Shire Foal Sale at Crewe in 1979 he bought Bescaby Blossom, bred by racehorse trainer Mr Adams of Melton Mowbray. Bescaby Blossom was successfully bred from, and her blood still figures in the Arclid line today through Arclid Lady Charlotte and Arclid Quality. The Arclid prefix stems from the village where Tony and Sandra lived from 1975 to 2002.

Tony Bull may well look back on 1983 as a defining year. He bought Hillmoor Prince Charles as a two-year old colt from Tom Moss.

Hillmoor Prince Charles was champion stallion at the 1987 Spring Show. He really brought his owner into the stallion business, attracting 40 mares a year for several years.

Now Tony sells probably more stallions than any other breeder, and exports to Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden, France, Holland and Germany.

"The Shires have taken us round the world, as I've judged in Isle of Man, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden".

Sandra is involved in all aspects. She also sells Canadian halters, wood flour, raffia, soft soap, flowers of sulphur and other requisites. She particularly enjoys helping new starters.

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